Sohar Fort Museum & Fish Market

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Sightseeing in Oman is not complete without a visit to the Sohar Fort Museum.

Located on the beach and dating back to 18th century, the museum holds important collections of seafaring equipment and medieval weapons. The museum also features the copper trade in Oman. The name Sohar narrates a legendary past. It is said that it is this city of Sohar where the adventurous sailor Sindbad was borned.

Family attraction

When in Oman, the Sohar Fort Museum is a must-see attraction and a great place to take your family to get a taste of the past of Sohar. The extremely impressive building was first constructed in the fourth century. However, the structure of today dates to the early 16th century. 

Sohar also has a lot of different beaches and parks, the beaches known for their turquoise blue waters and outdoor water sports. 

While travelling around Sohar Oman, try to see some of the thrilling camel races and bull fighting contests that take place within this region. During the bull fighting contest you will be able to witness a bulls butting each other.