Manila Nightlife


Manila is home to a wealth of nightlife options scattered throughout the city, that cater to many different tastes. In dynamic Manila, nightlife includes everything from bars and nightclubs to casinos. 

Dance, drink, have fun

Entertainment in Manila is varied, and there is always something for everyone.

One of the most popular dance clubs, especially amongst the young adult crowd, is V. 

Bars are numerous and varied. The Brewery offers guests the chance to sample a range of different beers at a relatively low cost. Giraffe is the favoured happy hour bar of Manila and is open late until four in the morning. Roxas Boulevard is another area that is home to a choice of bars. 

Casinos also offer the opportunity for a fun filled night out and the best is located in The Heritage Hotel Manila. Casinos offer a bar, live entertainment, slot machines and table games. 

Shopping at night

Divisoria Night Market is one of the larger night markets in Asia that offers a range of different goods for the discerning shopper and is great for finding those elusive bargains that you might never find anywhere else. 

The Heritage Hotel Manila is a good choice of accommodation for lovers of welcoming bars, as it is located immediately opposite a cluster of large, lively bars. 

Staying in a Manila hotel near to many of the nightlife options in the city will make your nightlife in Manila all the more enjoyable. In the immediate vicinity of the Heritage Hotel Manila there are several large clubs gathered close together.