Manila Bay Area

Manila Bay is one of the best natural harbours in the world featuring pristine waters and a soothing sight for visitors to this serene destination. The bay is also one of the foremost natural attractions in the Philippines. 

Gaze at the beautiful waters, take in the volcanic peaks and tropical forests, enjoy cool and relaxing walk, and bask in a romantic sunset at the Baywalk. This promenade overlooks the bay and provides stunning panoramic views. 

Island views

Across Manila Bay you can see several islands, Corregidor being one of the most famous while El Fraile Island houses the massive concrete and steel ruins of what was once Fort Drum. 

Manila Bay has been the site of numerous naval battles including the famous one of 1646, when American General Commodore Dewey defeated the Spanish Armada. 

Shopping and dining

Across from Manila Bay numerous attractions can be found that provide everything from shopping to dining options. Malls can also be found in this area. The malls located across from Manila Bay offer a wide range of different goods at affordable prices. In addition the malls offer many other services and facilities as is typical in the Philippines.  In the streets opposite Manila Bay you will find opportunities to buy some of the world's best garments. 

The area is home to several of the country's major tourist attractions. Staying at a Manila Bay Hotel such as the Heritage Hotel Manila offers you easy access to these attractions and numerous others.