Ayala Museum

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The Ayala Museum is a leading history and art museum and one of the major tourist attractions in Manila.

Recognised as one of the most significant institutions exhibiting aspects of Philippine culture and art, the museum opened in 1967 when it was established under the initiative of Filipino artist Fernando Zobel as a project of the Ayala Foundation.

Philippines treasures

One of the key objectives of the Manila Ayala Museum is to bring back the treasures of the Philippines which have fallen under the control of foreign institutions, thereby enabling Filipinos to experience their culture and heritage at first hand.

The museum also aims to emphasise the inter-connection of Filipino art with the global artistic community, highlighting mutual exchange and cooperation. 

1,000 golden exhibits

'Gold of Ancestors' is a mesmerising exhibit of over 1,000 golden objects which show the sophisticated cultures which existed in the region prior to colonisation. Amongst other fascinating aspects is the exhibition called 'Embroidered Multiples' which displays attire worn by Filipino aristocracy and the evolution of clothing styles in the nation.