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800 miles from the Asian mainland lies Manila in the Philippines.  Attracting over one million travelers each year, the city proves itself an exciting, mesmerising destination for many.

With major shopping areas, a host of exhibition venues, sporting arenas, historical attractions, theatres, and many more exciting activities, visitors will be captivated by the wealth of sights and attractions to be found in this global city.

As a sea port Manila is also one of the busiest trade hubs in the world, with a vibrant and diverse business community.

Whatever brings you to this fascinating destination, when you are looking for a hotel in Manila, look no further than Millennium & Copthorne Hotels.

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Popular attractions

Moriones Festival

Watch out for a remarkable, mischievious religious festival, with a serious side to it.

Malacanang Palace

Take time to explore the Malacanang Palace - official residence of the Philippine president, the seat of government and a fascinating museum.

Manila Bay Area

Make time to visit one of the most famous natural attractions in the Philippines, with its lovely waters, volcanic peaks and famous sunsets.