Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival


Initiated as a tourism strategy to promote Malaysia as a shopper’s paradise, the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival has now become one of the major tourist attractions in the country. This is a series of shopping carnivals held three times a year in March, August and December, under three different themes and are truly a dream come true for casual and diehard shoppers alike!

This shopping extravaganza is exclusively designed for shopaholics to experience a wholesome shopping spree. The carnival features a string of special offers and promotions, tempting discounts, bargain sales, new product launches and special midnight sales to further heighten the buying frenzy.

To attract shoppers to this leading international shopping destination during the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, domestic and international air fares are reduced. Duties on various shopping items are also suspended to encourage duty free shopping, giving you the chance to enjoy great value for money.

There is so much more to the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival than just providing a unique shopping experience. The carnival coincides with several much anticipated events such as the Malaysia Motor Sports Championship, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Weekend and the Ramadan Festival. It is not merely a mega sale bonanza, but also a platform for all the Malaysian regions to showcase their regional identity through art, culture, costumes and cuisine. It is the perfect time to experience Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.