Tanah Abang

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Known as a 'market for everything' Tanah Abang is generally considered a shopper's paradise in Jakarta. This one stop destination provides visitors with a variety of choice to satisfy even the most ardent of shoppers. 

Among the markets in Jakarta, Tanah Abang is the oldest, boasting its pride of a 300 year journey, dating back to the year 1735. Initially, it was an animal market which later turned out to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world with shopping items being available to suit every shopper in Jakarta. 

Textiles and garment items are commonly available in these stalls, to satisfy the buyers looking out for fashionable clothing. In addition to textiles you can simply shop for fashion accessories, footwear, home appliances, gift items, jewelry, furniture and many more at this market. 

Comparative to the other Asian markets the prices are very reasonable while bargaining will ensure economical buyers the best deal. The street shops are well known for low price textiles and fashion accessories, designed for the kids, teenagers as well as the middle aged. 

Tanah Abang is a convenient shopping destination in Jakarta since the shops are opened for long hours. Generally the markets are open as early as 4 am and carry on till late evening to provide ample time for the visitor to explore. 

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