Kemang Festival

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Enjoy one of the most spectacular festivals in Jakarta. An annual treat for locals and expatriates alike, Kemang Festival presents some of the most distinctive cultural works and arts of Indonesia, at the one kilometre long Kemang Raya Street. 

Hundreds of booths

Originated in 2005, the annual event sees the participation of hundreds of booths selling various products including handicrafts, beautiful accessories and batiks. Bazaars, varied art performances, parades, exhibitions, art courses and sport competitions occupy the long Kemang Raya Street during the vibrant festival. 

Intended to contribute to the preservation of Betawi culture which is a treasure trove of tradition, colour, song, clothing, dance, cuisine, dialect and language, the festival also attracts a staggering number of young people. 

Countless surprises and many faces

Beneath the veneer of urbanisation, Jakarta is a city of surprises and many faces. Populated by Ambonese from Maluku, Bataks from Sumatra, Timorese and Madurese, Jakarta is a cultural melting pot. Having come a long way to become one of the most visited tourist destinations, Jakarta's present state is in utter contrast to its old self.