Jakarta International Film Festival

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Presently the leading international film festival in Southeast Asia, the annual Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) is held on December in Jakarta, Indonesia. Organised by the Society of Indonesian Films with the intention of contributing to reinforce the Indonesian film industry, the Jakarta Film Festival is widely recognised as a platform to build multi-cultural understanding among Indonesians and beyond. 

Workshops and competitions

Besides the film festival, a series of vocational and educational training seminars and workshops are held by JiFFest in an effort to increase the human resources that are vital for the success of a film industry. An Indonesian Feature Film Competition that includes a judging panel comprising foreign film professionals has also been hosted by JiFFest since 2006. 

Among the many genres of the films showcased at this Jakarta film festival are Adaption, Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Crime, Fantasy, Children, Foreign Language and more. Showcasing many cinematic masterpieces and award-winning films from all over the globe for a period of nearly two weeks, JiFFest brings together best minds to discuss the films at seminars held afterwards. 

50,000 film fans 
A window to the international cinema, JiFFest has become one of the most-awaited cultural events in the region drawing over 50, 000 film enthusiasts every year. Aspiring to grant a unique film-viewing experience to the audience, this major film festival is too good an occasion to miss out.