Jakarta Great Sale

Fast becoming one of the foremost shopping festivals in Southeast Asia, the Jakarta Great Sale transforms Indonesia's capital city into a shopper's paradise packed with bargains galore.

Attracting both local and foreign shopaholics alike, this month long sale usually takes place between June and July and coincides with the celebration of the city of Jakarta's anniversary. During this period there are also plenty of activities and events at various shopping venues that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Indonesia shopping holiday

Held at a variety of malls, department stores and shops spread all over the city, the annual Jakarta Great Sale offers shoppers a broad range of discounts on a wide selection of goods ranging from branded to retail items. There is much more to this sale than just enjoying a shopping experience however. 

While previous sales have seen such spectacular celebrations as a simultaneous launch of fireworks by the participating malls, organisers have also incorporated a host of other attractions in order to attract more visitors and provide them with a memorable shopping holiday in Indonesia.

Shows, performances and music

Fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, shadow puppet performances, musical shows and late night shopping are just a few of the other events that take place.