Antique Galleries – Jalan Surabaya

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Amongst Jakarta tourist attractions you should always make time for the antique galleries. Jakarta has a wealth of these fascinating galleries, which never fail to captivate the visitor. 

Traditional character

Surabaya Street Market, or Jalan Surabaya as it is locally known, is a traditional market which has retained its character and unique qualities through the years of modernisation. 

Historians and collectors find the market irresistible, but anyone who desires authentic curios from years past will find the market a mesmerising place. Alternatively if you want to dispose of old trinkets, you will find a ready market at Surabaya. 

Quaint shops

Jalan Surabaya commenced its business operations more than 30 years ago, initially confined to a few stalls vending China porcelain. Over the years the size, variety and scope of the market expanded steadily, and it now extends over a length of 600 yards (500m) of quaint and colourful shops of every description. 

Some of the shops sell a bewildering variety of curios, from traditional Javanese masks to ornamental Victorian lamps, wooden statues and much more. Other stalls focus on a particular kind of merchandise such as luggage or cameras. 

Vinyl treasures

The market will be of particular interest to lovers of old vinyl records; the collector who takes the time to browse through the stacks of merchandise will find many hidden treasures. From Johnny Cash to the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, the possibilities are endless. 

Unlike many other antique markets, Jalan Surabaya is not hectic, very hot, or crowded; the traveller who visits the market is sure to enjoy the experience.