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Officially, Jakarta is not a city but a province with special status as the capital of Indonesia.

The gateway to Indonesia, Jakarta is served by two airports, countless mainline railway stations including a commuter network, plus a vast sea port, makes Jakarta easy to get to and also to get around.

A major business and leisure hub, Jakarta has a wealth of things to see and do when visiting the city and visitors are often captivated by the wealth of sights and attractions to be found here.

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Popular Attractions

National Museum of Indonesia

Explore fascinating Indonesian history, artefacts and more in one of the country's oldest museums. Take a tour back in time!

Shopping in Jakarta

Whatever you like to shop for, Jakarta will have it, from fashion items and computers, to pets and toys.

Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival

If you like movies you will love this film festival, which is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year.