Park der Sinne

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Guests staying at hotels in Hannover, such as the Copthorne Hotel Hannover, will find the Park der Sinne situated conveniently close by.

The Park der Sinne (Park of Senses) is a tranquil location. With a touch of modernity, the park is a masterpiece of Hanoverian landscape. Etched with beautiful flora and foliage, the Park der Sinne is a wonderland of beauty and merriment. 

Engulfed in the neighboring forests and landscaped foliage, the park blends in well with its surroundings. Visitors have access to different stations, which reveal insights into the four elements, air, water, fire and earth. The Park of Senses offers many recreational activities.

The Valley of Butterflies, in the centre of the park, is home to butterflies, bees and colorful insects. Other attractions include the Sundial, Echo Farm, Forcefield, Sound Shell and the Garden of Fragrance.

The park also acts as a venue for concerts and events. The Meeting Place is a small amphitheatre, which plays host to events such as Picnic Concerto, Musical in Concert and a Lantern Festival.

While admission to the park is free, events at the Meeting Place often charge a small fee. The Park of Senses also provides guided tours.