Hannover Messe

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Hannover Messe is a fair, which takes pride in being one of the world's forerunners as the focal point of inventions and innovative technology. Being the world's largest industrial fair, the Messe attracts large numbers of visitors from around the globe, with 5,000 exhibiting participants showing a variety of industrial technology.

Formerly known as Exportmesse, the fair was initiated shortly after the Second World War, with the hope of reviving the economic stability of Germany. Following its initial success, the Hannover Messe became an annual event, and for the last six decades it has been a highlight of performance potential and industry competition. With technical invention being the key element, the Messe exhibitors strive for innovation and sustainability.

Each year, the organisers of Hannover Messe select a theme, which will be the focal point of the event. Past themes have included energy efficiency and climate protection, energy technology, industrial automation, power transmission and research & development.

With the steady increase of interest in energy efficiency, the coveted International Energy Efficiency Award is presented to inventors for energy efficient inventions. Companies and institutions taking part in the exhibition are eligible to win the HERMES Award, an international technology prize for innovation. The prize is awarded to the winner at the fair's opening ceremony.