Doha Facts


Doha was officially founded in 1825 but it can of course trace its history back many centuries before then, something you will see if you look around some of its historical attractions and ruins during your stay in Doha hotels.

Literally translated as 'big tree', Doha became the capital city of Qatar in 1971 when the country gained independence from the British and is now the nation's largest metropolis.

Doha used to rely heavily on the trade of freshwater pearls from the Gulf, but the growth in harvesting of the same natural products in Japan hit its economy hard and it slumped into a depression in the 1930s.

However, oil was discovered later that decade and Doha began to prosper again.

Now, it is a hub for education and business, but is also famous for its love for sports.

Doha hosted the Asian Games in 2006, followed by the Pan Arab Games and the AFC Asian Cup in 2011. The city is also set to provide venues for the 2022 Fifa World Cup tournament.

Due to the amount of construction projects taking place, the city is likely to take an increasingly prominent place on the world stage in years to come.

Doha Travel Tips

Getting there:

You will land at Doha International Airport when you travel to Doha, which is served largely by Qatar Airways. It should be possible to get direct flights, but you can also change at Dubai - this may be cheaper than flying direct.

You should be able to find taxis waiting outside the terminal buildings that will take you to your Doha hotel.

Getting around:

It is easy to get around Doha by bus, as a new network of routes was established in 2005. The main depot is next to the Gold Souk and you will be able to get to most tourist attractions in this way.

You can hire your own vehicle from the airport, but you may find you have a long wait to do so unless you have booked ahead. Also, driving in Doha can be a nerve-wracking experience for westerners who are used to other motorists following the rules of the road, as not everyone does here.

Taxis are another common mode of transport in Doha, with standard green Karwa models or unmarked limousine styles available. You may find it is a good idea to ask staff at the Millennium Hotel Doha to ring ahead for one if you need a ride, as they can be difficult to hail from the roadside.

What to pack:

With its subtropical arid climate, guests at Doha hotels will find the city very hot, especially in summer when temperatures can soar to 50 degrees C. You will therefore want to pack lots of cool cotton clothes to beat the heat, although it is not a good idea to be out in it for long periods.

Women should make an effort to cover up in Doha, as with many countries in this region, so long skirts and pashminas would be a good addition to your suitcase.

Temperatures are more pleasant in winter, so this is when many travellers visit.

You must not pack any alcohol in your luggage if you travel to Doha, as the substance is illegal in Qatar.

What to do and where to go?

There are many fascinating things to do in Doha and fans of shopping will be in their element. Not only are there modern malls, but you can also get great bargains on everything from spices to gold in the old souks.

Do not forget to get out into the desert too, with the Singing Sand Dunes a particular highlight - they hum when the wind blows along them.

The Doha travel guide below will help you get started with an itinerary.

Famous Landmarks:

 Al Kout fortress

Government House

The Mall

Arts and Culture:

Qatar National Museum

Museum of Islamic Arts

Al Khor Museum


Weaponry Museum

Doha Heritage Village

Heritage library

Parks and Recreation:

Souq Waqif


Rumeila Park

Population: 1,450,000

Area: 132 sq km

Language:  Arabic

Currency: Qatari Riyal

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