Shopping in Doha


Doha is a city replete with shopping options that ensure you can find whatever you need. When shopping in Doha you can browse through small scale shops and impressive large scale malls alike. 

Modern malls

The City Center Mall is one of the most prominent options being located right at the heart of Doha. Housed inside is an array of international retail outlets including brands such as Debenhams, Bennetton, Claires, Next and many others.

One of the more distinctive malls is Hyatt Plaza, which has a big emphasis on clothes, cosmetics and jewellery. 

Traditional souks

Souks are another choice for shoppers and present a more traditional option for shopping in Doha. Visitors can expect to find an array of items including clothes, luggage, handicrafts, antiques, interior decor, silverware, and numerous other items.

After you have finished shopping, indulge in some local favourites such as tea with rosewater, or a cup of Arabian coffee. 

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