Taling Chan Floating Market

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Among the three Bangkok floating markets located on Chao Phraya River's Thonburi bank in Bangkok's Taling Chan district, you will find Taling Chan Floating Market fronting the Taling Chan District Office.

Held during weekends, the market provides a wide selection of vegetables, fruit, fish, plants, flowers and trinkets, vended from boats. An idea initiated back in the late 1980's to honour the 60th birthday of King Bhumibol, the floating markets maintain a strong connection with the lifestyle of ancient Thai people. 

Tranquil and charming

Just as in other floating markets in the district, the main concept of Taling Chan Floating Market is to have the entire market atop water. Reflecting the charm of traditional Thai culture, the atmosphere of this market is quite tranquil. Several floating restaurants comprising tables are also part of the floating market. 

The canal where the market is located links the Bangkok Yai in south to the Bangkok Noi canal in north. Fast becoming a popular tourist attraction, the market is recognised by many as an exceptional opportunity for relishing delicious, inexpensive Thai food in the company of inviting and friendly locals.

Shopping and music

Having served as the mainstay of the locals' shopping agenda for the weekend, the market is also popular with tourists who enjoy this unique way of selling. A live traditional Thai music performance takes place in the afternoon. Afterwards, take a boat trip along the canal which to view the gardens that grace the area.