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Sukhumvit is the nerve centre of modern Bangkok in more ways than one. Not only is it one of the city's most important highways it is also the centre of trade, commerce and entertainment in Bangkok. As one of the major highways in Bangkok, Sukhumvit passes through Bangkok and runs on till the Cambodian border. It is also one of the busiest roads in Bangkok. A number of streets and lanes emanating from the central Sukhumvit Road are referred to as Sois and each Soi carries its own identity and ambience. 

Shopping malls

There aren't many cultural highlights on Sukhumvit, except for a few traditional Buddhist temples, but what draws millions of tourists to this area are the excellent shopping and entertainment districts. Some of Bangkok's best and most patronised shopping malls are located in this area including the Siam Paragon and the  Emporium. Also located here is Siam Square which is one of the most fashionable areas in Bangkok. Siam Square's labyrinthine streets lined with rows of fashion boutiques and the modern, state of the art malls make this the trendiest area to shop. 

Sukhumvit is also the home of Bangkok's vibrant entertainment districts, large numbers of tourists are known to head out to Sukhumvit Road to party the night away after a busy day of shopping and sightseeing. Bangkok's nightlife is cosmopolitan, chic and ever changing. The bars and pubs on Sukhumvit's numerous Sois are usually inspired by European or American designs and serve great food and drink while featuring live music. A number of restaurants can also be found in this area. 

Amazing nightclubs

Nightclubs in Bangkok are distinguished by their architectural creativity and their eclectic themes. These establishments can boast of an amazing atmosphere and large numbers of party lovers mostly comprising of expats and university students. For more risqué entertainment Sukhumvit's Soi 4 and Soi Cowboy are the places to head to and throngs of tourists are usually seen frequenting these areas. 

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