Siam Ocean World Bangkok

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Among Bangkok places to visit the breathtaking Siam Ocean World Bangkok is definitely a highlight. Located two storeys beneath the splendid Siam Paragon mall this mammoth aquarium which is as large as three Olympic swimming pools attracts a multitude of local residents as well as foreign visitors. Children are invariably enthralled by the sensational ocean residents on display at the marine showcase. 

World class aquarium

One of the most expansive aquariums in southeast Asia, the mesmeric Siam Ocean World features in excess of 30,000 fascinating ocean creatures native to various regions around the globe. The aquarium is a truly world class facility employing state of the art technologies and innovative exhibition methods. 

You will meet some of the most exotic and captivating ocean denizens including the deadliest predators in the sea such as black-tipped, ragged-tooth and leopard sharks which may be observed in a giant 270 degree tunnel. Guests also have the option of taking a tour in a glass-bottomed boat; you may also want to swim amongst rays and sharks. 

Unusual creatures

The 'Deep Reef' exhibit showcases creatures such as humped head Maori Wrasse, Blue Tang and batfish. A particularly attractive feature is the 'Weird and Wonderful' display which contains some of the most unusual aquatic inhabitants like garden eels, striped frogfish, huge spider crabs and nautiluses.  

In the 'Rain Forest' area you can see blind cave fish, African lungfish, otters and giant water rats amongst other creatures. Another highlight is the 'Sea Jellies' exhibit which features translucent jellyfish floating about in special LED illuminated tanks.