Shopping in Bangkok


Bangkok has recently seen success and growth its commercial and trade sectors which has propelled it into being one of the best places to shop in the world. With low prices, an unprecedented range of goods on offer and an amazing atmosphere, Bangkok is the quintessential shopper's paradise. 

Shopping in Bangkok will lead you to explore the city's different districts; each one has a character of its own and among them is the ethnic Chinatown area. This is an ethnic shopping district that mostly offers traditional Chinese goods such as medicines, furniture and souvenirs.

Modern Siam Square

If Chinatown represents the old face of Bangkok then Siam Square projects its modernity. This extremely fashionable district is home to numerous clothing boutiques and is one of the trendiest parts of Bangkok. 

Another interesting shopping area is Silom; although it is mostly referred to as the business district of Bangkok it also offers an eclectic shopping experience. A number of large malls and markets are located in this area but the star attraction is the Suan Lum Night Market where you can shop under the stars. 

Diversity and popularity

Shopping in Sukhumvit  brings you to another diverse range of goods, from clothing to antiques and a similarly diverse experience, from night markets to plush shopping malls. The most visible form of shopping here are the roadside vendors that sell anything from DVD's to leather handbags, prices are generally low and the experience is unmatched. However, modern shopping malls are just as easy to find in Sukhumvit. The Robinson's Department Store and the Emporium complex are two of the more popular locations. 

If you want to be at the heart of  Bangkok shopping, a hotel that helps you access the great shopping districts and also provides excellent transportation links is the  Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok.