National Museum

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Your list of essential Bangkok sightseeing places should include this remarkable museum. Housing the largest collection of Thai artefacts and art, National Museum Bangkok is located in the former grounds of Wang Na Palace which is the former palace of the vice king. Frequented by many travellers visiting Bangkok sightseeing places, the museum is currently under the ownership of Department of Fine Arts. 

Gifts of kings

Established by King Rama V in 1874 as a public museum exhibiting the gifts and antiques bestowed on him by King Rama IV, the museum presents collections consistent with Thailand's history, including armaments, palanquins and clothing. 

You can also look into the prehistory of Thailand at the "Gallery of Thai History", going on a journey through the ancient kingdoms which ultimately leads to the modern Thai kingdom.  Among the numerous collections in the decorative arts and ethnological collection are Khon masks, ceramics, precious stones, puppets, gold treasures, Chinese weapons, textiles and clothing as well as traditional musical instruments from Southeast Asian nations and woodcarving.

Global recognition

You should also not the special inscription on UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme Register, recognising the museum's worldwide significance. 

The funeral chariot hall is an outstanding feature of the museum housing a selection of unique carriages utilised for royal cremations. The impressive models of Thai architecture such as the Buddhaisawan chapel, several charming pavilions and the "Red House" complete the museum's attractions.