La Fete Bangkok

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La Fête is arguably the most prestigious festival in Bangkok. Commemorating the long-lasting friendship between France and Thailand, this French-Thai festival is a phenomenon that takes over Bangkok's cultural scene with series of remarkable events.

Spectacular art shows

An integral part of Bangkok's artistic realm, La Fete Bangkok has attracted record-breaking crowds of over 400,000 spectators from all over the world.  If you are keen on witnessing spectacular art displays you will undoubtedly enjoy the eye-opening experience of this festival as it provides insight to both Asian and European techniques.

Providing an unrivalled atmosphere of cultural dynamism, the festival was established in 2004. Reaching out to a large and varied audience, La Fête Bangkok is organised by the Alliance Française of Bangkok and the Embassy of France in Thailand. 

Local arts

With the intention of uplifting the profile of the local arts scene,the Festival has become internationally prominent, supported by its myriad diverse and excellent arts programs, including performance arts, cinema, visual arts, gastronomy, modern dance, puppetry, mime, symphonic music and theatre. Another exceptional feature is the visual arts program, which provides photographic exhibitions of diverse concepts, such as fashion, ethnicity, conflict and history.