Amman Facts

Steeped in centuries of history dating back to the beginning of civilization itself, Amman is not only Jordan's biggest city but also its bustling capital - the very heartthrob of Jordan. With a population of over two million, Amman is rapidly developing itself at an astounding pace, combining its rich history and vibrant culture with the modern convenience of everyday life.

The east part of the city is largely residential and is much older than the western part of the city which is the bustling metropolis with many multinational corporations in operation. It is the very epitome of diversity with Iraqi, Palestinian, Circassian, Armenian and many other ethnic groups residing within its wombs. Amman has been awarded the rank of Gamma global city on the World city index while also been named one of the MENA's best cities with regards to environmental, socio-cultural, economic and labour aspects, making this one of the best cities to live in at the turn of the century.

Explore this fascinating city that is a fine melange of heritage and awe inspiring modernity. Discover the many exotic destinations saturated with the history that made this country into what it is today. Our brief guide into the city may come in handy when getting about the state capital for those of who are planning to delve deep within the city of Amman.


Jordan Travel Tips

Getting there:

The most convenient way into the city would be via the Queen Alia International Airport, which is located 35kms from Amman. Travelling from the airport into the state capital is easy since the airport has a regular bus service, while hiring a taxi or renting a car from the various counters located outside the terminals are also options that can be explored by travellers.

Getting around:

Those of who wish to explore Amman have the option of hiring vehicles from the local car rental companies that can be found in the city. Yellow and grey meter taxis too can be seen roaming the streets and hailing one of these would be a convenient option when travelling within the city.

Driving is done on the right, while it is advisable to carry your passport with you since there are frequent checks along such areas as the Dead Sea Highway. The speed limits vary from 60kph in cities to 120kph on the express motorways.

Those of who are looking for a local experience in the public transport can opt for the efficient and cheap bus services that are readily available on constant routes throughout the city. Spacious municipal buses are in operation in all parts of the town and one can get about quite easily by this common mode of transport while soaking in the ambiance of every day Amman city life.   

What to pack:

Best times to visit the city would be in mellow spring (April-May) and mild autumn (September-November) presenting delightful climates ideal for roaming about the town. Pack light clothing for day and warm clothing for night since it is noticed that during the late hours of the day, temperatures tend to drop.

If travelling during summer (Mid June- Mid September), visitors are advised to pack light clothing and headwear. Although moderate, it is advisable to carry plenty of water as the heat is known to be quite draining. Winters in Amman (November-April) are known to be quite harsh with snowfall several times a year. If planning to visit during this time of the year, wind or water proof jackets can come in quite handy.

However, Amman is known for possessing extreme examples of microclimate where one neighbourhood exhibits a different weather condition from the other. Therefore it is advised to pack accordingly.

What to do and where to go?

A city built with white stones, Amman offers a range of historical and cultural experiences, set amidst a landscape that is at times charmingly eastern and electrically modern. From arresting ruins of ancient civilizations, traditional souqs offering a variety of curious items to ultra modern restaurants serving delectable delicacies, this is a city that obviously has it all.

Population: 6,508,271

Area: 89,342 sq km

Language: Arabic

Currency: Jordanian dinar

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