Al Jahra Facts

Al Jahra

Located around 25 miles north-west of Kuwait, Al Jahra was first established as a small oasis in the desert where people could trade camels and stop off on their way to its larger neighbours.

Much of the city is inhospitable desert, but Al Jahra also has an area of rich agricultural land that is excellent for growing fruit and vegetables, and is the country's main source of crops..

The city has had a rather tumultuous past, having been the site of the Battle of Jahra in 1920. A memorial can now been seen by visitors to mark the site where the conflict took place.

Kuwait and the surrounding area gained independence from the British in the early 20th century, but were once again taken over in 1990, this time by Iraq.

After intervention by the US and UK in what became known as the First Gulf War, Kuwait was liberated once more and the area celebrates Liberation Day on February 26th.

Now, you will find Al Jahra to be a peaceful and pleasant place to visit for business or pleasure.

Al Jahra Travel Tips

Getting there:

The nearest airport to Al Jahra is Kuwait International Airport and nationals from 35 countries including the UK are allowed to enter using visas.

You will have to pay a small fee for this, but it will allow you to stay in the city for up to three months.

Outside the airport, taxis are available to take you to the Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort, which is one of the only places to stay in the metropolis.

Getting around:

It may surprise those who travel to Al Jahra to find that it has a good transport network, operated by the Kuwait National Public Transport Company.

Buses are frequent and inexpensive, although they do get very crowded at peak times.

You can also travel around easily by taxi, although you should negotiate the fare before you get in to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you reach your destination.

Although it will be possible to hire cars from the airport to take to your Al Jahra hotel, the natives are not known for their patient driving style and anyone unused to foreign roads may find it an ordeal. Also, few motorists adhere to traffic laws, so things like stop signs may pose a problem.  

What to pack:

Due to its desert location, you will find Al Jahra extremely hot and dry in the summer, so you will need to pack loose cotton clothing to avoid sunburn, as well as something to cover your head.

From October to April, it often rains, while dust storms are also common at this time of year.

You may therefore want to include an umbrella and something with which to shield your face.

In terms of clothing, women are advised to cover up as much as possible, as it is seen as unacceptable to wear plunging necklines and short skirts. Also, cover-ups are essential on public beaches for the same reason.

Although you are not forbidden from carrying a camera in your luggage, you are not permitted to take pictures of government buildings in Al Jahra.

It is worth remembering that alcohol is illegal in the whole Kuwaiti region, as is pork, so you must not attempt to bring any with you in your bag.

What to do and where to go?

There is a great deal of history to see in Al Jahra, as well as more modern attractions including shopping malls, so all tastes should be catered for.

Since traditional European nightlife is not an important part of Al Jahra or Kuwaiti culture, local people and tourists socialise in restaurants, so it is worth asking staff at your Al Jahra hotel which are the best to visit.

There are also some cultural must-sees including museums that everyone from families to couples will find entertaining.

The Al Jahra travel guide below will help you get started with an itinerary.

Famous Landmarks:

Al Shabab Mubarak Alaiar Stadium

Kuwait Towers

Kuwaiti Sharq Mall

Arts and Culture:

Ali Al Salem

Old City Gates



Failaka Island

Mina Al Ahmadi

The Red Palace (Al Qasr Al Ahmar)

Parks and Recreation:

Kazmah desert cliffs

Salwa Seaside Promenade Area

Julaiah Beach

Population: 24,281

Area:  11,176 sq km

Language:  Arabic

Currency: Kuwaiti dinar

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