Red Fort

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In the Red Fort, Kuwait possesses an important symbol of national pride and strength.

This impressive structure, made of entirely of mud and brick, is a historically significant site that should most certainly be a part of any trip to Kuwait. Constructed at the meeting place of three caravans and innovations routes the palace lies 15 miles (24km) to the west of Kuwait City. The structure is most famous for being the site of the historic Al-Jahara battle and serves as Kuwait's fortress and defensive position until the nation's triumph over the Ikhwan. 

Colourful history

The palace inherited its name through the colour of its walls though according to popular legend the palace attained its colour through the blood that was shed in the defense of the fortress during the Battle for Jahara. 

The Red Palace features four towers each of which is located on one of the corners of the structure. The palace also features 33 rooms and six impressive courtyards in addition to a large water well that was used when the palace was under siege. Other interesting features include the three immense gates located on different corners of the outer structure. 

Free entry

Red Palace is one of the last remaining physical testaments to the past but it is also a testament to the enduring nature of the Kuwaiti people. Admission is free. 

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