National and Liberation Day

The National and Liberation Days highlight the iconic history behind the independence of Kuwait.  Rejoicing in the spirit of patriotism, the celebrations are held on 25 th and 26 th February every year and are of tremendous significance to Kuwaitis.

February festivities, flags, fireworks and foam

Serving to ignite the very essence of nationalism, on National Day Kuwait celebrates with myriad festivities and events, including a spectacular display of fireworks, illuminating the night sky. On this momentous day, Kuwaitis are typically attired in national dress and streets are decorated in the colours of the national flag. Kuwaitis like to spray each other with coloured foam, so maybe do not wear your very best clothes.

In the midst of the lively atmosphere are many places around the city, where a majority of the people prefer to celebrate. Some of the places include Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park, Green Island and Messila Beach.

Harmony, unity and remembrance

On Liberation Day Kuwait enjoys another grand celebration that brings the people together in unity and harmony. Commemorating the liberation of the country from Iraqi occupation, the day is filled with public meetings and gatherings, which are held throughout the country. A common sight is a throng of people, dancing and waving the national flag in the streets. It is also held in remembrance to those who lost their lives during the battles.

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