Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum

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The Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum is among the finestof all the museums in Kuwait, and offers deep insights into the culture of Kuwait and its people. Exploring the innovative nature of this fascinating country, the museum provides a remarkable showcase of scientific and technological advancements that have made a significant impact on the everyday life of the Kuwaitis. 

Petrol artefacts and demos

Among the collections in the museum, the majority of the displays reflect heavily upon the petroleum industry, which is the largest industry in the country. The artefacts and demonstrations showcased within this section are an enthralling sight, exploring a history dating back to the early 1900s.

The petroleum collection features reports on a number of international disputes that have occurred over the recent years that have led to the economic freedom the industry thrives on today. 

Space, Natural History, Aviation and more

Organised into a diverse range of departments, the museum additionally encompasses collections from the Space Science Department, Natural History Department, Electronic Department, Planetarium, Machinery Department, Aviation Departments, Zoology Department and a Health Hall.