Eid al Fitr Festival

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Eid al Fitr Festival is one of the most significant festivals in the Islamic calendar. A remarkable event, it is regarded as a national holiday in Kuwait and is celebrated with great fervour and passion. Rejoicing in the idea of peace and love, it brings people together to partake in traditional customs unique to Islamic culture. 


A sacred celebration amongst festivals in Kuwait, Eid holds tremendous religious significance to the Muslims. It celebrates the intense feeling of spiritual renewal, after a strict 30-day fast. Embracing the heart of Islamic teachings, the festivities of Eid al Fitr is usually felt across the world, with the intention of spreading the profound message of unity and togetherness. 


Signifying the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the eve of Eid is spent staring at the sky to catch a glimpse of the moon, believed to bring happiness and prosperity. The day ensures a leveled platform among the population as one of the main activities of the day is sadaqah al-fitr, which translates to charity of fast breaking. Each Muslim family donates a certain amount of food, making certain that the needy can participate and have a wholesome meal on the day of the festival. 


A spellbinding occasion, its arrival is usually met with great excitement and anticipation by Muslims of all ages. Observed by the ardent and devoted followers, the day is usually celebrated by engaging in prayers, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts and sharing a hearty meal together. A momentous occasion, the celebrations are often spent among family and friends, basking in the blessings of the holy month.