Boubyan Island Development Project Kuwait

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In the Boubyan Island Development Project, Kuwait has launched a major government initiative  to develop the country's northern reaches. This multi-faceted development venture will include a special economic zone and a hub for transportation in the region.

Major seaport

Designated to be completed in a series of phases, the expansion encompasses nature reserves, resorts and a port. The ultimate objective is to make Boubyan a major seaport which would act as a main access point for the nation of Kuwait and the surrounding area. 

Boubyan Island presently accounts for about five percent of the country's land area during low tide and contains military outposts and a flourishing ecosystem. The multi-million dollar project is scheduled to be implemented in three segments, of which the first will be subdivided into three parts.

Three steps, 60 anchors

The first part will include laying in place advanced infrastructure, treating the area's soil and creating railroad links. Part two will encompass the construction of a port which will feature no less than 16 anchors; while the final part of the segment will feature marine drilling, widening channels and other aspects of the construction work. 

Meanwhile the subsequent phases of the work will include the creation of a number of additional anchors which will eventually bring the overall total to 60. The Boubyan Island Development Project will undoubtedly serve to enhance Kuwait's standing as a major hub for commerce in the region.