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Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Plc is an owner-operator of high quality branded hotels in diverse locations attractive to business and leisure customers, with a particular focus on significant gateway cities and Asian emerging markets.

The Group's business model has been consistently cash generative and profitable since the company's formation in 1996. The model is designed to maximise long term total returns to shareholders through interlinked hotel operating and asset management strategies, led by a talented and highly skilled management team, with experience in both disciplines.  

Hotel Operations

The Group's hotel operating strategy is interlinked with asset management because it controls the yield characteristics on the Group's asset portfolio, through driving revenues and maintaining disciplined control of costs.

Management applies sophisticated analysis, supported by technology, to achieve an optimum balance between hotel occupancy and room rates in all market conditions.

A high proportion of the Group's operating functions are de-centralised, so that local management can respond quickly to local markets. This factor also enables the Group to maintain a low level of central overhead costs.

Managed and franchised hotels form a relatively small part of the Group's business - primarily in strategically significant locations, where the Group wishes to develop and maintain a presence - for example to promote cross selling opportunities - but does not see an immediate commercial advantage in asset ownership. 

Asset Management

The Group's asset management strategy compares the long term return on its existing hotel assets against a range of alternative investments. Asset management initiatives tend to be opportunistic, increasing returns for the Group's shareholders over the longer term and thus representing an intrinsic part of the Group's value.

Where returns from an individual hotel are not competitive, the Group will seek to enhance profitability through a variety of means, including management re-focus and investment in the asset (to enhance yield); or sale of the asset/identification of alternative uses such as condominium development (to enhance capital value).

In the case of new asset acquisition opportunities, the Group sets competitive hurdles to ensure that return on investment criteria are satisfied. 

The Group's investment in CDL H-REIT (Singapore) and First Sponsor Capital Limited (China) further support the asset management strategy, providing opportunities to acquire, develop and dispose of attractive assets in a capital efficient manner.   

Company History

Company History

The history of Millennium Hotels and Resorts begins in 1989 with a few hotels in Asia. Since then, we have grown to more than 60 destinations worldwide.

Corporate Offices

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Plc have corporate offices located around the globe. Office locations include London, Auckland, Dubai, and other major cities.

Hotel Estate

Hotel Estate

Spread across multiple continents, Millennium Hotels and Resorts offer a diversified estate. Browse our list of estates to learn about our network of accommodations.


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