Date  Announcements 2013
24-Dec-13 Proposed Acquisition of Hotel in Chelsea, London
23-Dec-13 Revenue and Cost Recognition on Glyndebourne
13-Dec-13 Board Changes at Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc
02-Dec-13 Voting Rights and Capital
22-Nov-13 Director/PDMR Shareholding
06-Nov-13 Proposed Sale of Singapore Shopping Centre
06-Nov-13 3rd Quarter Results
01-Nov-13 Voting Rights and Capital
14-Oct-13 Blocklisting Sharesave Scheme
14-Oct-13 Blocklisting Long Term Plan
14-Oct-13 Blocklisting Executive Scheme
04-Oct-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
01-Oct-13 Voting Rights and Capital
27-Sep-13 New Zealand Increased Investment in First Sponsor
24-Sep-13 Directors and PDMRs Shareholdings
13-Sep-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
12-Sep-13 Long Term Incentive Awards
02-Sep-13 Voting Rights and Capital
07-Aug-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
01-Aug-13 Voting Rights and Capital
31-Jul-13 Half Yearly Report
10-Jul-13 Notice of Results
04-Jul-13 M&C Expands it's Footprint in China with M Hotel Chengu
01-Jul-13 Voting Rights and Capital
28-Jun-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
13-Jun-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
03-Jun-13 Voting Rights and Capital
03-Jun-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
16-May-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
02-May-13 Results of AGM 
02-May-13  Documents for Inspection 
02-May-13  1st Quarter Results 
01-May-13 Voting Rights and Capital 
24-Apr-13  Notice of Results 
17-Apr-13  Blocklisting Sharesave Scheme 
17-Apr-13  Blocklisting Long Term Plan 
17-Apr-13  Blocklisting Executive Scheme 
12-Apr-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
03-Apr-13 2012 Annual Report and 2013 Annual General Meeting
02-Apr-13 Completion of Land Acquisition
02-Apr-13 Voting Rights and Capital
01-Mar-13 Voting Rights and Capital
22-Feb-13 Final Results 2012
07-Feb-13 Notice of Results 22Feb2013
01-Feb-13 Voting Rights and Capital
01-Feb-13 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
18-Jan-13 Proposed Acquisition of Korean Land
18-Jan-13 Director and PDMR Shareholding
02-Jan-13 Voting Rights and Capital