Date Announcements 2011
30-Dec-11 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
02-Dec-11 Director/PDMR Notification
01-Dec-11 Voting Rights and Capital
28-Nov-11 Long Term Incentive Awards
04-Nov-11 3rd Quarter Results
02-Nov-11 Voting Rights and Capital
14-Oct-11 Director's Dealings
13-Oct-11 Blocklisting Executive Scheme
13-Oct-11 Blocklisting Long Term Plan
13-Oct-11 Blocklisting Sharesave Scheme
12-Oct-11 Notice of Results
05-Oct-11 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
05-Oct-11 Scrip Listing
03-Oct-11 Voting Rights and Capital
28-Sep-11 Proposed Sale of Tanglin Shopping Centre
01-Sep-11 Voting Rights and Capital
30-Aug-11 Proposed Sale of Tanglin Shopping Centre. Singapore
15-Aug-11 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director
09-Aug-11 Director/PDMR Shareholding
02-Aug-11 Interim Management Statement
02-Aug-11 Disposal of Land in Kuala Lumpur
01-Aug-11 Voting Rights and Capital
27-Jul-11 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
13-Jul-11 Notice of Results
08-Jul-11 Proposed Acquisition
01-Jul-11 Voting Rights and Capital
28-Jun-11 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
28-Jun-11 Retirement of Non-Executive Director
01-Jun-11 Voting Rights and Capital
27-May-11 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
25-May-11 Notification of Transactions of Directors
23-May-11 New Zealand Earthquake Update
18-May-11 Scrip Listing
10-May-11 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
06-May-11 Documents for Inspection
06-May-11 Result of Annual General Meeting
06-May-11 Annual Information Update
06-May-11 1st Quarter Results
03-May-11 Completion of Disposal of Studio M Hotel Singapore
03-May-11 Voting Rights and Capital
13-Apr-11 Blocklisting Long Term Plan
13-Apr-11 Blocklisting Executive Scheme
13-Apr-11 Blocklisting Sharesave Scheme
08-Apr-11 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
08-Apr-11 New Zealand Earthquake - Update
05-Apr-11 2010 Annual Report & 2011 Annual General Meeting
01-Apr-11 Total Voting Rights
25-Mar-11 Additional Listing
17-Mar-11 Director/PDMR Shareholding
15-Mar-11 New Zealand Earthquake - Update
11-Mar-11 New Zealand Earthquake - Update
02-Mar-11 Disposal of Studio M Hotel Singapore in Singapore
01-Mar-11 Total Voting Rights
01-Mar-11 New Zealand Earthquake - Update
22-Feb-11 New Zealand Earthquake
18-Feb-11 Non-Executive Director's Appointment
17-Feb-11 Director's Dealings
16-Feb-11 Final Results 2010
01-Feb-11 Total Voting Rights
10-Jan-11 Notice of Results
05-Jan-11 First Sponsor Update
04-Jan-11 Voting Rights and Capital