Date Announcements 2006
29-Dec-06 Transparency Directive
1-Dec-06 Settlement
20-Nov-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
10-Nov-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
03-Nov-06 3rd Quarter Results
31-Oct-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
24-Oct-06 Additional Listing Approval
20-Oct-06 Additional Listing
13-Oct-06 Blocklisting Interim Review
13-Oct-06 Notice of Results
10-Oct-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
10-Oct-06 Scrip Listing Approval
05-Oct-06 Scrip Listing
20-Sep-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
06-Sep-06 Documents for inspection
04-Sep-06 Long-term Incentive Awards
01-Sep-06 Directorate Change
22-Aug-06 Board Change
21-Aug-06 Director's Dealings
04-Aug-06 Interim Results
26-Jul-06 Board Change
19-Jul-06 IPO of CDL Hospitality Trusts
10-Jul-06 Registration of Prospectus
07-Jul-06 Notice of Results
23-Jun-06 Lodgement of Prospectus
13-Jun-06 Lodgement of Prospectus
02-Jun-06 Director's Dealings
26-May-06 Establishment of a Hotel Real Estate Investment Trust Group
19-May-06 Directors' Dealings
17-May-06 Scrip Listing Approval
12-May-06 Scrip Listing
05-May-06 Results of AGM
04-May-06 Documents for Inspection
04-May-06 Non-Executive Director
04-May-06 Management Contracts
03-May-06 Joint Venture
20-Apr-06 Additional Listing Approval
20-Apr-06 Quarter 1 Results
18-Apr-06 Additional Listing
13-Apr-06 Blocklisting Interim Review
11-Apr-06 Documents for Inspection
04-Apr-06 Notice of Results
03-Apr-06 Documents for Inspection
21-Feb-06 Dividend Payment Date
21-Feb-06 Final Results
10-Feb-06 Notice of Results
06-Feb-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares
10-Jan-06 Disclosure of Interests in Shares