Tropical Spice Garden

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For fascinating things to see, Penang has plenty to offer, but you should always make time to visit the beautiful Penang Tropical Spice Garden at Jalan Teluk Bahang. 

Boasting a long and illustrious history in the spice trade, Malaysia has always been a key player with regard to exporting valuable spices to western countries for ages. Melaka and Penang were two of the major cities where spices were grown and traded. 

Green heart of Penang

The Tropical Spice Garden is a beautiful oasis of lush green vegetation in the heart of the city, that not only is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city but also a spice garden where some of Asia's most treasured spices are grown successfully. 

Formerly an abandoned rubber plantation, the garden was revitalised, the designers and landscapers being careful to not disturb the natural feel of the site and retaining most of the old rubber trees.

Three garden trails

You will find memorable Garden Trails, namely Spice Trail, Ornamental Trail and the Jungle Trail, where you will be able to witness in excess of 500 plant varieties by taking a leisurely 30-45 minute walk through the garden. The Cycad Room, the Sugar Terrace, the Croton Wall and the Bamboo Garden are but a few of the Garden Rooms located here which will reward your attention.