Tropical Fruit Farm Penang Malaysia

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Malaysia, the melting pot of various cultures, races and religions, is home to over 370 species of delicious fruits including exotic varieties that appeal to even the fussiest eater.

Built with the intention of preserving the nation's precious green heritage, contributing to the wellbeing of the its future generations, the Tropical Fruit Farm, Penang, is the ideal place for a visit during a family holiday. Penang has few more delicious attractions than this one.

Plantation tours

A place where one can sample mouth-watering, sun-ripened, freshly picked aromatic fruits, the Tropical Fruit Farm is located on the mountainous terrain of Teluk Bahang in Penang. Nurturing over 140 types of both tropical and subtropical trees of fruit, ranging from exotic to local specimens, the farm provides special tours of the plantation. 

Covering over 25 acres, the orchard was created in the early 1990's with the objective of conserving rare fruit trees. Over the years, the farm has acquired numerous exotic fruit trees from such far-off corners of the world as South and Central America, India, Central Africa, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean and the Middle East. 

Juices, snacks and bbqs

To tantalise your taste buds, the orchard offers freshly prepared fruit juices, snacks and on weekends and public holidays, a hefty BBQ buffet.