Shopping in Penang


Shopping in Penang is exciting with a number of options to select from. You can either shop along the streets, which are more economical, both during the day time and at night. Alternatively, the large and comfortable shopping complexes cater to the top-end shoppers. 

You will find the shopping complexes are usually open from 10:00am till 10:00pm. One distinct feature in these shopping malls is that the prices are fixed and bargaining is not the commonest strategy used. 

Penang shopping malls

Shopping malls are bountiful in Penang and some of the most popular plazas are the Plaza Gurney, Komtar, Pragin Mall. Plaza Gurney presents a variety of international brands like Nike, Giordano, Versace and British India. At Komtar, the oldest shopping mall in Penang, you can find Superkomtar and Yoahan which are department stores. Pragin Mall consists of a wide variety of items that the shoppers would be passionate about, such as textile and accessories, harmaceuticals, food courts, restaurants and bars. 

It's always best to embark on your shopping journey from Jalan Macalister and proceed to the other by roads depending on your shopping needs. 

Chinatown shopping Penang

Chinatown is another popular shopping destination, the hometown of the Chinese migrants to Malaysia. In these shops you can find jade jewellery, watches and electrical appliances. Similarly, Little India provides you with a chance to pick up Indian sarees and shalwars as well as Indian jewellery and sweets. 

If you like antiques, then Jalan Pintal Tali is the place for you, with its extensive collection of unique and elegant antique clocks, porcelain, coins, glass items and ceiling lamps. 

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