Penang State Museum & Art Gallery

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Penang, a city rich in many of the old colonial administration's artefacts and pre-war buildings, has a glorious concentration of well-preserved historical sites and heritage architecture.

Among all the valued landmarks and unique experiences the city has to offer, the Penang State Museum and Art Gallery remains one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Penang. 

Colonial insights

Housed in a colonial-era building, the museum is a must among places to visit in Penang as it contains an assortment of historical artefacts affording a great insight into the traditional Penang way of life.

Visitor to the museum can gain an idea of the historical evolution of Penang's multi-ethnic society.  Overall the museum comprises old photographs, ancient paintings, maps, antique documents, art galleries, charts, wedding costumes, embroidery, Chinese furniture as well as priceless historical relics. 

Unparalleled displays

Built in two different phases, in 1896 and 1906, the Penang Free School was originally housed in this building complex. This monument stands as evidence of the devastation caused by the Second World War. Even though one half of the building was destroyed by an aerial bombing that took place during the war period, the other half of the building has survived.

Having gone through extensive renovation, the museum boasts an unparalleled collection of historic and ethnic findings, tracing back to its roots of diverse cultures.