Gurney Drive

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in the region is the picturesque seafront promenade of Gurney Drive. Malaysia has few more delightful arrays of restaurants and hawker delights than this, the place sometimes referred to as 'The New Esplanade'.  As dusk sets in, the promenade transforms into a vibrant venue boasting myriad attractions,

Burmese temples close by

Well worth visiting are the two Burmese temples near Gurney Drive. Presenting admirable pieces of architecture, Dharmikarama temple among the two, flaunts striking pagodas, golden rooftops and a wishing pond. 

Concealed behind the clusters of bustling food stalls are a dim sum restaurant, one-off fresh seafood restaurant and more offering local cuisine. Coffee Island and Bali Hai Restaurant are among the chic bistros.  

Shops, restaurants and sea breezes

Several late-night hangouts and bars are also in the vicinity whist the main attraction of Gurney Drive is Gurney Plaza, the shopping complex. The trendy lifestyle mall caters mainly to the upmarket base of customers, offering a wide array of things ranging from cinema blockbusters to unparalleled dining options. The mall also offers wellness services that include body massages, a unique fish spa therapy and foot reflexology. 

The stone pavement alongside Gurney Drive is popular as a hub of recreational activities and is ideal for a leisurely stroll or to take a moment to contemplate sitting on a bench, enjoying the cool sea breeze.

Gurney Drive is named after Sir Henry Gurney a former British High Commissioner in Malaya.