Chinese New Year


When it comes to Chinese New Year Celebrations, Malaysia knows how to party!

The most significant of the traditional Chinese holidays, Chinese New Year marks the end of the winter season. Beginning on the first day of the traditional Chinese calendar's first month, the celebration concludes with the Lantern Festival. Chinese families gather to enjoy their annual reunion dinner on the New Year's Eve. Chinese New Year celebrations in Penang have long been a highlight during this period.

Everything Chinese

Popularly known as the Chinese New Year Cultural and Heritage Celebration, this event held in Penang's old city transforms the entire locale into an outdoor festival of everything Chinese. Besides celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, the main objective of the special event is to introduce traditional Chinese culture in a grand manner whilst highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese community in Georgetown.

Something special

This year's edition of the Chinese New Year Cultural and Heritage Celebration included live entertainment drawing hordes of visitors. Among the special features were martial arts demonstrations, lion dances, classical songs, Chinese opera, drumming, morality dramas and more.

It is commonly believed that Penang Island and Georgetown preserve Chinese New Year traditions and cultural idiosyncrasies better than China's mainland, so a visit to this region during the New Year festivities is a must if you are at all interested in traditional culture.