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Marvel at the Crown Jewels of the House of Hanover in Marienburg Castle

A few lovely jewels will be on display View on Map


From 24 June 2014 To 09 November 2014


Marienburg Castle, Marienberg 1, 30982 Pattensen

The Kingdom of Hanover’s Crown Jewels are on display this Summer in the Marienburg Castle, until November ninth. 

The exhibition celebrates the fact that the Electorate of Hanover and the Kingdom of Great Britain were linked for 123 years. 

Both principalities were reigned by successive rulers from the House of Guelph, Europe's oldest still existing princely dynasty. 

This dynasty is better known among the British as the House of Hanover. Topics examined in the exhibition are "The Path to the Union of Crowns", "The Kings of the Personal Union" and "The Kingdom of Hanover".

The Crown Jewels on display include the Royal Crown, the Scepter and the Bridal Crown, designed for King Ernest Augustus and bequeathed by him to his son King George V of Hanover. 

They are exhibited in rooms located in the Queen's Wing of the castle which are meticulously preserved in their original condition and offer views over the valley of the River Leine. The castle is located 12 miles from the Copthorne Hotel in Hanover.

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