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Alec Sots photographic exhibition at the Sprengel Museum inspire the viewer

Alec Sots photos inspire audiences View on Map


From 21 June 2014 To 26 October 2014


Sprengel Museum Kurt-Schwitters-Platz

The photographer Alec Soth is among the most influential photographers of his generation in America. He is particularly known for his copious series of photographs of the American Middle West. 

His pictures, taken mostly with a large-format camera, have in recent years helped define the way Americans see themselves.

Soth’s exemplifying impact can be attributed to his style and actual photographic research. The photographer is a member of the famous Magnum Photo Agency and many consider his blog, entitled Little Brown Mushroom, as the benchmark for an extended understanding of the medium as a possible means of “communicative action” in the cyber era.  

His exhibition piece consists of  a lounge with large-format photographs on the walls. These offer the viewer inspiring ideas and that is intentional. 

The set up is entirely designed for visitors to take the visuals in and elaborate on them. The lounge is aptly named "Little Brown Mushroom Ping-Pong Reading Room", hinting at the fact that there’s a ping-pong table, too. 

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