GOP Varieté-Theater

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Guests staying at hotels in Hannover, such as the Copthorne Hotel Hannover, will find the Gop Variete Theatre situated conveniently close by.

Offering a kaleidoscope of colours, sights and sounds, the GOP Variete is a vaudeville theatre. William Shepherd founded the theatre in 1948, coinciding with the opening of Hannover Messe. Among the original acts was the magician KalaNag. Other entertainers included movie stars and singers.

Housed within the reconstructed UFA Cinema Grand Filmpalast, the vibrant array of performances dazzled the audience, presenting the best in vaudeville theatrics from international artists. However, this theatre, like many venues during the 1960s, closed due to the onset of television.

The year 1992 marked the resurrection of Gop Variete by the Grote family. With the addition of new technology, the show has become even more spectacular than before. It features magicians, clowns ventriloquists, jugglers, musicians and cabaret artists. The programmes are changed on a monthly basis.