Subiya Causeway

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The bridge is a step in the development of the northern region of Kuwait designed to link Kuwait City with new projects in Subiya and Bubiyan. In itself, it will undoubtedly become one of the most remarkable of Kuwait tourist attractions.

Jaber Al Ahmed causeway will measure 24 miles (37.5km) in length, connecting with Subiya at an Jahra-Subiya road located south of the new City. 

In constructing the Subiya Causeway, Kuwait will create the fifth longest bridge in the world, reaching across the bay of Kuwait to connect Shuwaik Port with Subiya New Town Development.

The project includes a 17 miles (27km) low level bridge across the bay, a main bridge with a span of 275 yards (200m), an elevated road and a three miles (5km) approach road onshore in Subiya.