Shopping in Kuwait


Take a trip to this thriving metropolis and indulge in an array of shopping options when traveling in Kuwait. Visitors can delight in glitzy shopping malls to the more traditional souks ensuring that visitors have a wealth of shopping options. 

Everything from the latest designer fashion to farm animals and spices can be bought when  shopping in Kuwait

Polite bargaining techniques

Many of the shopping options have a more traditional bargaining approach when it comes to price. Remember to stay polite at all times and start your price offers from half of what you are willing to pay. 

One prominent shopping mall is the Sharq Souk Mall that is situated in downtown Kuwait. In addition to being one of the largest modern malls in the city, the mall is similar to a westernised mall but features a distinct Middle Eastern touch. 

Shopping on foot

Salmiya is another popular venue for shopping and offers you streets that are lined with shopping malls and modern stores and even the occasional old world store. Exploring this area is best done on foot. 

The Salhiya Center is one of the premier options for those seeking to purchase some of the most cutting edge fashionable items. Buyers should be aware that prices match the name tags. 

Maze of souks

Another option that presents itself is the traditional downtown souks. Here, visitors can navigate through a maze of shops that wind throughout Kuwait City. Some of the finest jewellerry options in the city can be found here. 

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