Failaka Island : Treasure island

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Step in to a world of elegant historical beauty at Failaka Island, the most beautiful and admired island in the whole of Kuwait. Failaka Island combines history with a wondrous offering of natural beauty. 

This magnificent destination to visit combines the traditional past of Kuwait with structures dating back to the Bronze Age Dilmun civilisation with more 'recent' events such as the 17th century settlement of the Utubs. 

Failaka Island was originally inhabited by the Greeks who knew the island as 'Ikaros' and ended up spending two hundred years here. Many of their structures are intact, presenting an exciting journey of discovery. The island is littered with an impressive collection of ruins and other artifacts.

Swimming pools, restaurants and playgrounds

The island also offers a massive tourist complex that presents visitors with various swimming pools, restaurants, sports playgrounds and more. Some of the popular activities on offer here include fishing, water sports and boating. 

Getting to the island is done by ferry from the main island of Kuwait. These run throughout the day.

Break away from the city 

This island presents the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of Kuwait City and the ideal getaway. With all this on offer it is no wonder that the island is the most visited tourist destination in the country. 

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