Things To See

Art & Culture

Eid al Fitr Festival

Celebrate peace and love, in one of the most famous and most significant of Islamic Festivals.

Hala Festival in February

Take part in the joyous Hala Festival, a major event in Kuwait during a month of special celebrations.

National and Liberation Day

Celebrate the founding of Kuwait as an independent country, with spectacular festivities, events, fireworks, foam and more.


Gulf Expo-Kuwait City

Make time for one of the foremost exhibitions in education and training, showcasing the latest programmes and events.


Liberation Tower

Visit one of the tallest towers in the world, a symbol of Kuwait's independence, resilience and courage.

Red Fort

Explore the dramatic past of Kuwait in this fascinating military structure.

Subiya Causeway

Know more about this breathtaking project, which will result in the fifth longest bridge in the world.

Museums & Galleries

Kuwait National Museum

Take an insightful and inspirational journey into the art, culture and history of Kuwait, at the country's very first museum.