Things To Do

Activities & Pursuits

Failaka Island : Treasure island

Step in to a world of elegant historical beauty at Failaka Island, the most beautiful and admired island in the whole of Kuwait.


Kuwait International Boat Show

Visit a spectacular and increasingly popular boat show featuring 100 companies exhibiting all types of sailing and boating equipment.

North Oil Fields of Kuwait

Discover more about the astonishing oil fields of Kuwait, home to 10% of the world's oil reserves and major foundation of the nation's wealth.


Camel Race Annual Event

Enjoy one of the great sports of the Persian Gulf, where thousands cheer their favourites at the racetrack.


City of Silk

Learn more about this amazing project that will build a gleaming new city and improve travel times to and from the north of Kuwait.

Shopping in Kuwait

Indulge in an array of shopping options including glitzy shopping malls and the more traditional souks.

The Avenues

Indulge yourself in the largest shopping mall in Kuwait.